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Why Your Phone Should Have a Protective Case

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Why Your Phone Should Have a Protective Case

It might seem crazy but about a quarter of people who use a smartphone do not use a protective case. Some people don’t like the bulkiness of cases, think phone cases are overly expensive, or never worry about dropping their phones. While those are valid points, having a case on your phone protects a large investment. When iPhones and Androids can cost hundreds of even thousands of dollars, having one drop and shatter can be devastating.

Protection Against Accidental Drops

The biggest reason to keep a case on your phone is to prevent damage if you drop your phone. Some people are clumsier than others and might drop their phone on a daily or weekly basis. Even if you rarely drop your phone, it’s best to have a case so those rare situations don’t lead to a broken screen. Cases are created to absorb the impact of a fall. Adding a tempered glass protector to the screen is also a fantastic idea. Hard shell cases are the most likely to break while hybrid cases are the best option. Soft cases can also work in a pinch. However, keep in mind that any case is better than having no case whatsoever.

Show Off Your Unique Personality

Another great reason to use a phone case is so you can show off your personality and style. Some people like to show off a sleek, modern case, others like to have cats or dogs on the case, and some might want to represent their favorite sports team. There is no lack of options on the market so you can pick something that gives people a peek into who you are.

You Aren’t Paying for Insurance

If you are someone who opted not to have a protection or insurance plan for your phone, having a case is even more important than normal. You don’t want to feel your phone slip out of your hand only to see it drop to the sidewalk and break into pieces. This is why it’s best to have a protection plan, tempered glass, and a case. This will prevent you from many accidents and give you peace of mind no matter where your day takes you.

Protection of the Resale Value

Even those who don’t dent their phone or crack the screen will notice that scratches and nicks add up over time. If you decide to upgrade your phone and want to sell your current model, any of those blemishes will cut down on the value you can get for the phone. Using a case can prevent a lot of cosmetic damage so you can sell your phone for a bundle when you want a new one. Everyone enjoys extra money so keep this in mind.

If it’s a little too late for you and you already dropped your phone and are now dealing with the aftermath, you need a professional to help. Totally Techy can repair screens, batteries, and more. We also offer free diagnostic services!

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