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Why is My Phone So Slow?

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Why is My Phone So Slow?

When you first got your shiny new smartphone, it seemed like it was lightning fast. Texts sent rapidly, even if you were sharing videos. Pages loaded with a quickly, and it seemed like there was nothing your phone couldn’t do. But now…things are starting to run slowly.

Perhaps you have noticed that texts are taking longer to send or you can get your social media feeds to refresh. Before you chuck your phone in favor of a new one, you should see if one of these reasons may be why your phone is feeling bogged down.

5 Reasons Why Your Phone May be Running Slowly

A smartphone isn’t just a phone. It is basically a miniature computer that you can carry around in your pocket. That means it will be susceptible to the same issues that your desktop will have.

  1. Running Too Much. If you are trying to run a gazillion apps or other programs on your phone, you can expect the speed to decrease in a big way.
  2. Too Little Space. Your phone’s storage isn’t infinite. You can and probably will run out of space when you start taking a million pictures and downloading all of your social media apps and games.
  3. Out of Date. If you aren’t doing your updates as suggested (or your phone is really old) you are probably using an out-of-date operating system. Being outdated will definitely slow you down.
  4. Old Battery. Your phone’s issues could stem from the battery. If you have a battery that isn’t working as it should, it won’t be able to power your phone properly which will lead to slowdowns.
  5. Overheating. Another reason for your phone to run slowly or even shut down is because it is overheating.

What to Do About It?

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, these general tips can help you breathe a little life back into your phone.

  1. Clear the Cache. Most people use their phone more than they use their laptop or desktop computer. Think about how many times per day you look up something really quickly on your phone. Right? Well, the web browser in your phone (no matter which one you tend to use) is storing a ton of data. One quick fix for giving you extra storage space and speeding up your phone is to clear the cache.
  2. Update your System. The dreaded system update can be intrusive and many people continue to ignore the update prompt because of the hassle and potential new bugs or issues that could arise. However, an update is a good thing for your phone. It can fix bugs that are present on the previous version, improve security features, and make things work just a little bit faster. If you have been holding out and refusing to update, go ahead and update your operating system. You may even get a few new emojis out of it.
  3. Delete Unused Apps. Do you still have a ton of games on your phone that you aren’t using? How about other random apps that you downloaded but aren’t really using anymore? Go ahead and get rid of them. There is no reason to have all that extra stuff hanging out on your phone taking up space if you aren’t even using it.

These are just a few simple steps that you can take to get your phone running more efficiently. If you try these three tips and still aren’t satisfied, let Totally Techy provide a free mobile phone diagnostics. Our phone repair experts may be able to find the root of your speed problem and get you back on track. Give us a call today.

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