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Let Our Experts Dry Out Your Phone

Getting your broken tablet fixed has never been easier!

Not all phones can swim, so if you’ve been down by the pool, dropped your phone in the sink or OMG the toilet, you’ve come to the right place. If your device gets water damage, immediately turn it off and bring it to our Totally Techy technicians for a water damage repair. We use state of the art equipment. We have an approximate 70-80% success rate of properly curing your device.

All Makes and Models

If We Cannot Fix it, it is Free!

Don’t forget, if your device gets wet, turn it off IMMEDIATELY. Don’t try to use it, it may end up causing more damage then just the water. It could short out your device and dramatically decrease the chances of successful revival. Bring your device to one of our experts and we will provide you with a FREE diagnostic to find out just how damaged your device is.

Keep this in mind…
If we can’t get it fixed, it’s Free.

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