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Tips for Resuscitating a Drowned Smartphone

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Tips for Resuscitating a Drowned Smartphone

Bathrooms, days at the beach, a visit to the local pub…what do these three activities have in common? They are all zones in which your smartphone may die by drowning! As spring arrives and you can add activities like a pool-side barbecue, a tall glass of iced tea by your deck lounger, and more travel plans, the need to figure out what to do should your phone take the plunge increases.

You might be thinking or even saying out loud that a friend, cousin, neighbor, sibling or partner dropped their phone in a drink/toilet/body of water, popped it into a bowl of rice and “voila” it was saved. Here’s the thing about this so-called solution to the problem – it doesn’t work so well.

In fact, in an independent study it was determined that the use of rice to revive a phone that had been completely submerged was less effective than things like cat litter and silica gel, or even couscous and oatmeal! Additionally, the same study found that simply leaving something in the open air without any additional drying materials worked better than anything else.

Shaking, vacuuming (with a miniature keyboard vacuum) and blowing out as much water as possible was also a measure used in combination with drying materials. Yet, not many devices were able to recover from full submersion.

And if you say, “Okay, no biggie, because the warranty will cover the issue”, guess again. Why? Most phones have a water damage indicator tripped the moment it contacts water. This means the warranty is of no use.

Water’s Journey Inside the Phone

While debating the best solutions to a phone dunked fully under water is interesting, it is important to understand why water is such a problem. In other words, where does water actually go when it gets inside of a phone. The answer is pretty disheartening: It goes everywhere. It will easily flood a phone, but it may be a bit of a surprise to learn that many Android phones drain and dry, and then recover. iPhones, on the other hand, can actually trap water.

The problem comes with water causing corrosion to the battery connectors and/or batteries themselves. In many instances, a new battery can often get the drowned phone up and running, but in other scenarios, the connection is ruined and so the phone remains dead. Thus, in many instances, phones with removable batteries can be redeemed and revived.

What Can Be Done

So, what have we learned? We have learned that it is often best to allow air to dry the phone rather than sinking it into a big bowl of rice or even silica or cat litter. But, we’ve also learned that you cannot allow water to become trapped inside of the phone.

That means that one of the best bets is to open the phone as quickly as you can after dropping it into the water, and then positioning it in front of a fan or the open air. However, though some phones open with the use of a Philips head screwdriver, some require specialty gear.

Of course, you can forgo all of the rice and DIY techniques and just get in touch with the team at Totally Techy. As market leaders in technological repairs, they can help with liquid damage and many other issues. Just get in touch as soon as you can after a problem occurs.

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