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The 2 Best ways to Clean your Smartphone Screen – Android Repair Barrhaven

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The 2 Best ways to Clean your Smartphone Screen – Android Repair Barrhaven

The 2 Best ways to Clean your Smartphone Screen – Android Repair Barrhaven

Android Repair Barrhaven specialists Totally Techy Store insist on keeping your phone clean daily to avoid mishaps. Daily use of your smartphone exposes the touch screen to all kinds of dirt, ranging from dust to grime. It is therefore important to regularly clean the screen of your phone and remove any interference with the visual experience and touch sensitivity. Amazingly you don’t need anything expensive or special.

The following are some suggestions on what you can do to clean the screen of your phone:

Method 1: Use a Microfibre Cloth

This is by far the easiest way to clean your smartphone. Compared with paper-based towels, microfiber cloths are gentle enough to clean a smartphone’s sensitive glass screen without scratching it. Any oil or dust on your screen is absorbed by the microfiber cloth, leaving you with a completely clean screen.

Before you start cleaning the screen, turn off the phone! This will enable you to see the dirt and grime better. However, this is mandatory when using water. Move the cloth in a vertical or horizontal direction repeatedly. Clean one area of the screen at a time, moving to the next dirty area until the surface is completely cleaned.

Use minimal amount of water for dirtier jobs that require a little more than a microfiber cloth and some elbow grease. You need to first turn off your phone and remove the battery. Wet one corner of the cloth with water and clean the surface of the screen in either horizontal or vertical movement. Remember to avoid using soap of any kind while doing this or getting water into any openings such as the microphone or speaker areas. When you’re finished, use a dry part of the microfiber cloth to remove some of the water. It’s okay if you let the screen to air dry, put back the battery and turn it on.

Keep your microfiber cloth clean to avoid rubbing previously wiped grime and dust back onto the screen of your smartphone. Simply soak the cloth in a mixture of warm water and soap, rinse it completely and air dry it, before using it again.

Method 2: Using Scotch Tape

Microfiber cloth might be completely out of the question. If you need to quickly clean your screen, use a strip of Scotch Tape to lift dust and fingerprints from your smartphone’s surface. Simply stick the tape on the screen’s surface and peel it off to remove any unwanted grime and dirt. Repeat this as much as possible to have the entire screen cleaned.

Avoid Alcohol-based Cleaners

No matter how appealing, never use products like Windex to clean your phone. Alcohol-based cleaners damage your phone’s protective coating exposing it to the possibility of getting damaged. An online search reveals a range of the so-called smartphone screen cleaners that could set you aside a good amount of money. Instead of going for these expensive options, simply use a little water to have your smartphone screen sparkling clean. Do not be fooled into mixing alcohol and water to sanitize your phone. Even at its most dilute, alcohol still has the ability to harm your phone.

Now you know how to keep your phone clean courtesy of the Totally Techy Store!

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