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Wireless Connectivity

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Wireless Connectivity

Having WiFi connections issues? Your device won’t connect to the internet anymore? Sometimes you find that you have to be right next to your modem or router for a strong WiFi signal? Don’t panic, you are not alone. These are all signs of wireless connectivity related issues.

Let’s briefly discuss WiFi. WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity. WiFi works off the same principle as radios and microwaves, it uses radio frequencies to send signals between different devices.

Smartphones nowadays are built with a modular WiFi antenna making it easier to test for faulty components. Most common part to fail is your WiFi antenna, at other times it could be the antenna cable or even your board. Regardless of the issue, our certified technicians will perform a full diagnostic test to pinpoint the exact fault and get it fixed right away. Bring your device in for any wireless connectivity issues. If we can’t fix it, it’s free! Even better, we provide FREE diagnostics and a LIFETIME warranty!

Wireless Connectivity - Totally Techy
Wireless Connectivity – Totally Techy

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What’s the next step?

Process breakdown

  • Visit a Totally Techy store.
  • Drop off your device.
  • Our Technicians will isolate the problem.
  • The issue will be clarified to you.
  • You will receive a call once the problem is fixed, to pick up your device.


We test your device

FREE diagnostic test will be performed.


We repair your device

Our technicians will complete the repair.


Pick up your device

Re-unite with your technological buddy.

At Totally Techy we pride ourselves with excellent repairs and genuinely satisfied cutomers! We offer special order repairs for all our clients.

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