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Speaker Repair

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Speaker Repair

Experiencing issues with crackling or fading sounds? Or maybe you can’t hear the other caller at all? We understand how frustrating this can get. Devices nowadays normally come with multiple speakers for enhanced sound experience. A few of the speakers found are the earpiece speaker and loudspeaker. At Totally Techy, we implement a full FREE diagnostic test to accurately locate the defective component of your device before we perform the repair. Spending money on the wrong faulty part is never fun! Bring in your device for a speaker repair at Totally Techy and we will bring your sound back to life.

How do Speakers work?

Well… it’s simple… (not really). But speakers are in charge of transforming some sort of electrical signal into an audible sound for us to hear. When fluctuating electric current flows through the coil in the speaker, it changes into a temporary electromagnet, this electromagnet is repelled and attracted to a permanent magnet found inside the speaker. As the coil moves, the drum or cone found on the outside of the speaker vibrates, pumping sound waves into the air.