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Software Repair

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Software Repair

Software is the backbone of any smartphone device. It’s what controls everything from how your phones operates to how it responds when you click a certain application. Software is normally found in a device’s operating system and is what’s used to run software applications. If you are in need of any type of software repair… read below.

Software repairs are no easy task, with many ‘free’ programs claiming to fix your software problem for you, they could potentially end up causing more damage to your device and possibly permanent data loss. If the wrong software is installed onto your device, it may cause permanent damage.

It is crucial for an authorized technician to properly asses the root of the software problem and how to bring it back to life. At Totally Techy, ALL software repairs are done with one most important task in mind, to fix your software without losing all your personal information!

What should I do if my software crashes?

If you notice any irregularities with your device, we recommend you turn on airplane mode right away to prevent any internet connection from altering your device’s software. Drive to the nearest Totally Techy store for a software repair. A certified technician will be happy to explain the process of repair and cost associated, beforehand.

Software Repair - Totally techy
Software Repair – Totally techy

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Whats the next step?

Process breakdown

  • Visit or contact a Totally Techy store.
  • Drop off your device.
  • Our Technicians will perform FREE diagnostics.
  • The issue will be clarified to you.
  • You will receive a call once the problem is fixed, to pick up your device.


Drop off your device


We diagnose and repair


You pick up your device

We understand how valuable memories and personal information is to all our customers. We will always perform software repairs with one ultimate goal in mind… save our customer’s data and once we are successful we will tackle to permanently fix the software issue with your device.”

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