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Network Failure

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Network Failure

Network failure generally occurs when your phone cannot read your SIM card. This occurs due to a reader malfunction, or when the network cable has been severed or damaged. Another very common issue is that your phone’s baseband chip can sometimes separate from the phone’s motherboard when the frame of your device is bent. Regardless of the reason behind a network failure, at Totally Techy we will diagnose and isolate the exact reason for the failure and fix it right away.

A network failure is apparent when the device displays ‘Searching for Signal’ or if the SIM card is in your device, but it displays ‘No Service’. These are all symptoms of network related issues. To fix the problem we run a multi-point test to pinpoint which component in the phone is not functioning properly.

Network Failure Symptoms:

  1. Phone says ‘No Service’
  2. Phone says ‘Searching For Signal’
  3. Device will constantly drop signals at random times

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Network Failure - Totally Techy
Network Failure – Totally Techy

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What’s the next step?

Process breakdown

  • Visit a Totally Techy store.
  • Drop off your device for a FREE diagnostic.
  • Our Technicians will isolate the issue and notify you.
  • With your approval, we will conduct the repair.
  • Pick up your device once the repair is complete.


Drop off your device


We conduct diagnostics and repair


Pick up your device

Network Failure is a pretty common issue. Sometimes the phone software might be responsible and many other times it might be hardware related. We will perform all the necessary tests to locate the problem and get it resolved right away.