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Liquid Damage

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Liquid Damage Repair

Swimming is not your device’s strong suit! If your device gets liquid damaged, power it off immediately and bring it to Totally Techy for liquid damage repair. We use state of the art equipment with a 75 to 85% success rate of bringing your device back to life.

A device that has been exposed to any sort of liquid has an average of 60% higher rate of success if it is properly treated within four hours. As a result, if the device is not immediately powered off, a short might occur causing more damage, hence increasing the price of repair or even causing complete damage to the device.

Therefore, liquid damage repairs are no easy task. Hence, a professional is mandatory to ensure the successful revival of your device.

What to do if your device has been exposed to liquid?

  1. Power off your device right away.
  2. Put your device in any sort of bag to minimize exposure to oxygen to slow down the corrosion process.
  3. Visit a Totally Techy store for immediate assistance.
  4. A certified technician will take your device in and get right to the liquid damage repair.

How to save your device from liquid damage?

  1. Have you thought of purchasing water-proof or water-resistant cases? There are many brands of cases out there that will claim to “water proof” your device. Always make sure to read the instructions properly and test the cases as per manufacture guidelines. Most importantly, ensure the case is properly sealed before going for a swim. We do not recommend purchasing “in-expensive” waterproof cases, keep in mind, the slightest hole in the case will allow water to seep through!
  2. Try to minimize having any sort of liquids around any electronics. Always keep a safe distance between your devices and any sort of liquid. You can never be too safe!