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Free Diagnostic

Totally Techy Free DiagnosticWe perform Free Diagnostic tests on three separate occasions and for two main reasons! One, for your protection and peace of mind and the other to ensure your device is operating at optimal condition! At Totally Techy we run a ‘Pre-Repair’ diagnostic test so the condition of your phone is clear before the repair. Subsequently, our technicians run a ‘Post-Repair’ diagnostic test at our restoration station after the repair. We do this to ensure the repair was done meticulously. The last diagnostic test is called the ‘Pre-Delivery’ diagnostic. We perform this right in front of you before handing the device over. This is a great way to ensure that your device has been repaired and is running at optimal condition. You can now enjoy a great night’s sleep. Visit a Totally Techy today for a Free Diagnostic.

Why should our customers always receive a three step diagnostic test?

  1. Pre-Repair Diagnostic: Our certified technicians will perform this diagnostic test to confirm the issue on hand and price of repair. At Totally Techy, our technicians minimize the risk by inspecting every part of your device prior to repair. We do this to ensure that our customers are paying for the exact faulty part to be replaced.
  2. Post-Repair Diagnostic: Once the repair is complete, one of our experienced technicians runs another full diagnostic inspection. This ensures that the problem has been fixed and is working in optimal condition. This diagnostic is crucial to ensure the repair was done properly and ready to pass the Pre-Delivery diagnostic test.
  3. Pre-Delivery Diagnostic: This third and final diagnostic test is done with our customer prior to handing the device over. The purpose of this is to show you that the repair was done properly.