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Battery Repair

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Battery Repair

Is your device not holding a charge for more than a few hours? Are you noticing that your battery charge is dropping in big chunks? These are all signs that your battery needs a replacement. Bring your device for a Battery Repair at Totally Techy. Rest assured, we will replace your battery in no time and ensure your device is not giving you any more battery issues.

The lifespan of batteries will vary depending on the frequency of charge. The more your use and charge your device, the quicker it will need replacement. Batteries are designed to have a “number of cycles’. We have determined batteries will last about 500 charging cycles before they start showing signs of replacement. Some batteries might need replacement less that 500 and some might last beyond 500. The average user will consume one cycle per day which equates to about 500 days of charging, or 1.4 years.

How to prolong you battery lifespan:

  1. Do not expose to extreme cold or hot temperatures.
  2. Do not expose to any sorts of liquid including heavy moisture.
  3. The use of good quality charging cables will play a big factor in the lifespan of your battery.