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Physical Damage Protection Plan

Protect Your Phone For Only $6.99/month

Includes a Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, or Charging Port Replacement

Screen Protection

The fear behind the financial burden of a broken screen is no more. Simply drop your phone off and we will replace it for you, as long as you are enrolled in our Physical Damage Protection Plan.

Charging Port Protection

If your phone will not charge anymore, it most likely means that you have a defective charging port. With the Physical Damage Protection Plan, we will replace it for you.

Battery Protection

Does your phone keep dying when it is not supposed to? No worries, drop it off and we will install a brand new battery.

So Much, For So Little!

Never have to worry about the financial burden of technological repairs again. A small payment of $6.99/month will ensure that your device is protected from the three most common physical damages (Screen, Battery, Charging port).

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