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MacBook Problems: What Requires Repair

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MacBook Problems: What Requires Repair

You probably spent a pretty penny for your MacBook, and anytime it isn’t working correctly, it can be a real frustration. It may even leave you feeling quite helpless.

This reaction is understandable. Most people keep the essential details of their lives on their computers, and it can cause a moment of panic when it suddenly stops working properly.

Here are a few of the common MacBook problems that you may encounter and the steps you can take to get things working again.

#1 A MacBook that Keeps Dying

The Problem: You are busy working away on your laptop when it suddenly goes black without warning even though you have a fully charged battery.

The Solution: Restart your MacBook using the power button, and then wait for it to power back on fully. Then, immediately restart it; this will allow it to do the regular healthy shutdown procedure. Once it comes back up again, you can try resetting the SMC or System Management Controller. This reset should fix any issues that are going on within your systems. If it doesn’t, it may be time to see a MacBook repair professional.

#2 You Have a Blank Screen

The Problem: You push the start button to power on your MacBook, but instead of the usual start-up process, you get a black or a blue screen that won’t go away.

The Solution: When your laptop is stuck on a blue or a black screen, it usually means that you have an app that is causing your computer to freeze up. Try holding down the power button for five to six seconds to restart. If you can get it restarted, you can try to remove any newly installed apps that may be causing the hang-up. If you can’t figure out the cause, a MacBook repair professional should be able to run a diagnostic and let you know where the problem lies.

#3 Things are Running Very Slowly

The Problem: You are trying to check your email or do some work, but your MacBook is running slowly.

The Solution: There is any number of things that could make your computer run slowly, so the first thing you should do is restart your MacBook. Turning it off and then back on again can sometimes be the answer to your prayers. If that doesn’t do the trick, check to see if you have any unapplied updates. Install anything that is left waiting.

If your computer still isn’t running as it should, you can open up your Activity Monitor. It will show you what is running, and there may be some app hanging out in the background that is using up all your resources. The next fix is to run a virus scanner.

If none of those solutions have any effect or your slowdown is accompanied by strange noises, you will want to have a repair professional take a look. It could be that your laptop is overheating, or you may have a hardware issue.

Let Totally Techy Take a Look

If you can’t seem to get things running as they should, let one of the friendly MacBook repair professionals at Totally Techy take a look. Our experts use the most advanced repair technologies to get your laptop working again.

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