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Let Our Experts Fix Your Broken Device

Broken device? All makes and models, we can help!

There’s something is just not right with my phone! Have you said this to yourself before? It can be frustrating when you don’t know wrong with your device and it just doesn’t seem to perform the way it did when you first bought it. Slow connections, cracked, broken or shattered screens, water damage, charging issues, we can do it all. Bring your device to our store and one of our expert technicians will give you a free diagnostic check to find out what’s wrong with your device.

All Makes and Models

Free Diagnostic Check

Broken Phone Repair

No matter what the issue or device type, our technicians will take a look and let you know what’s wrong. It’s the first step in getting your device back on track and working optimally. Water damage, broken screens, broken glass, battery replacement, power buttons, home buttons, charging ports, headphone jacks, speakers & much more can be fixed right in our store by our expert technicians.

Most repairs can be done within an hour. We have some great distractions in store to help the time go faster! You’ll be back to using your device again before you know it!

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