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5 Ways to Charge your Smartphone Battery wisely and Maximize its Life – Smartphone Repair Barrhaven

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5 Ways to Charge your Smartphone Battery wisely and Maximize its Life – Smartphone Repair Barrhaven

The battery is the heart of your phone. But just how do you keep it going for a longer time? The following five suggestions should be of great help:

Charge Strategically

Barrhaven cell phone repair specialists at The Totally Techy Store recommend charging your cell phone strategically. Every smartphone manufacturer has a recommended method of first charging! You should follow this to the letter while generally keeping your device with over 20 percent charge. Use the charger and cord your phone came with, always. Using other chargers and cords can hurt your phone’s battery. Cheaper replacement chargers are not an option either. Although they may look the same, the damage they cause is not worth it.

Unplug it when it’s Fully Charged

You might be used to charging your phone overnight and leaving it plugged in. Battery University recommends that this shouldn’t be the case as its bad for the battery life, in the long run. Your smartphone battery gets trickle charge, when plugged in, to keep it at 100% percent. This keeps the battery in a high-tension, high-stress state wearing down the chemistry within and making it weaker. So, when fully charged, unplug your phone from the charging device. This is akin to relaxing muscles after strenuous exercise. You don’t want to tire your battery that much, do you?

Try not to Charge it to 100 percent

You don’t have to do this all the time, anyway. Your Li-ion battery does not need to be fully charged since it’s not desirable to do so. It is better to charge your battery only partially, the reason being that high voltage stresses the battery and wears it off, eventually. That might seem to be against your aim to keep your battery charged throughout the day. To keep your battery running during the day, plug it in whenever you can.

Plug it in whenever you can

It turns out that the battery in your phone works much better when you charge it occasionally throughout the day as compared to plugging it in for a long session. After your phone loses 10 percent of its charge, plug it in. Clearly, for most people, that is not practical. So simply plug in your smartphone whenever you can. Plug and unplug it as many times in a day as you possibly can.

This does not just keep your battery performing to its optimum but also keeps it topped up and working throughout the day. Additionally, you get to use features you do not normally use for fear that they hog away your battery life. While on the move, you will be free to use your phone’s location-based features.

Keep it cool

Your phone’s battery is sensitive to heat. Temperatures as high as 90 degrees can permanently reduce the capacity of your battery. Apple suggests that you remove certain cases that insulate heat from iPhone when charging it. If your device gets hot when you charge it, get it out of its case first. When out in the hot sun, keep your phone covered to keep your battery healthy, long enough. Alternatively, use it only in the shade and don’t leave it a hot car.

To save yourself from a cell phone repair, take care of that new battery from day one and it’s bound to have a long life!

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