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5 Things that are Draining your Cell Phone Battery – Barrhaven Cell Phone Repair

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5 Things that are Draining your Cell Phone Battery – Barrhaven Cell Phone Repair

5 Things that are Draining your Cell Phone Battery – Barrhaven Cell Phone Repair

Ever wondered why your smartphone battery seems to run out often? Here are five things that could be draining your cell phone battery from our Barrhaven Cell Phone Repair Experts


The GPS in your phone relies on very fast updates of your coordinates, meaning your phone has to keep its communication channels open, all the time. Apart from that, it’s not just communicating with a single cell phone tower but with between three and four satellites. This is because it needs a lot of information to triangulate exactly where you are. GPS is the worst battery drainer. This is largely because of it keeps your phone in continuous operation, meaning the phone gets no opportunity to go into sleep mode. That’s the thing most smartphones rely on to preserve most of their battery power. When you have your GPS on, that’s not just happening. Barrhaven cell phone repair experts Totally Techy recommend turning this off to save battery life.

Pop-up Internet Ads

They come as part of your free games such as Candy Crush. Some of these ads show up during regular web surfing. Running a web browser with no ad blocker can double the amount of battery power you can expect to use. Tests have shown that downloading all those fancy, flashing in your face ads takes more battery power than what you’re looking for, in the first place. Since they come animated and brightly colored, these ads hurt the lifespan of your phone, in the end.

Closed Apps

If there are any apps you use frequently, then keeping them open, but sleeping in the background will save your battery of imminent death. When an app is running, it’s only using a relatively small amount of battery power. However, when you first turn it on from completely closed, it’s bound to drain your battery. This is because the app needs to be put first into the phone’s RAM and then go through the complete loading. That’s a lot of work for your battery, as well as your processor. So, save your battery by leaving those important apps open in the background.

Vibrate Alert

Leaving your phone on vibrate most of the time is a huge drain on battery power when someone calls you. This is because, for all your phone’s amazing technology, vibrate if one that comes from days gone by. The function comes from a tiny motor inside your phone that, instead of ringing, spins. For it to work, it first drains a huge amount of power, more than just a sound. With repeated vibrates, your phone is putting out a series of battery-draining power surges. If this was to happen several times in a day, your battery will, surely, suffer a serious dent in charge.

Wrong Charging

If you are the type of person who waits for the charge in your battery to drain out before recharging, then you are doing it wrong. Regular charging of your battery from 0 to 100 percent can degrade your battery by up to 70 percent in just 300 charge cycles. Charging your battery after hitting 75 percent battery left can prolong your battery life to over 2500 charge cycles. So you are much better charging your battery a few times a day, instead of letting it run out completely.

So take measures to prolong your battery’s life. Still not fixed? Bring your cell phone to the Totally Techy Store, and get your cell phone repaired.

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