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3 Ways to fix up your Cracked Smartphone Screen – Cracked Smartphone Screen Repair

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3 Ways to fix up your Cracked Smartphone Screen – Cracked Smartphone Screen Repair

3 Ways to fix up your Cracked Smartphone Screen – Cracked Smartphone Screen Repair

So have you ever needed a cracked smartphone screen repair? You are not alone! No matter how careful you are in handling your device, it’s bound to happen at some point. So, why get jittery? You do not have to buy a new phone, anyway. Taking a quick move and repairing your phone is the best way to go. You do not just get to prevent a single screen crack from becoming worse, but you protect your face and fingers from the dangers of loose shards of glass. Cracks expose your phone to environmental toxins and debris which might, over time, affect the phone’s usability and functionality. Besides, do you like the look of that cracked screen? You obviously don’t.

So what do you do? First, make a quick assessment on how bad the damage is. Use a plastic screen cover on the crack on your phone, as you look for a more permanent solution. Ensure you backup your phone details so that you do not lose your files and photos. The following are some suggestions on how to fix your cracked phone screen:

Do it Yourself Repairs

With the right instructions, you can fix just about anything. An online search will take you to repair manual websites like iFixIt where you will find several tutorials on how to fix phone screens. Get a complete guide on the components you should purchase and where to get them. Alternatively, search YouTube for tutorials on this subject. Find cheap replacement screens and other parts online at eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress. Although a new screen can cost quite an amount of money, it is cheaper than buying a new phone. In the end, this option is not only affordable but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment, once you are done.

Repairs by Hired Technician

Is your device insured? If it is you can make an insurance claim to have it fixed by a contracted technician. Phone insurance policies cover the accidental damage of phones, including cracked smartphone screen repairs. Otherwise, a quick search over the internet should reveal a list of phone screen repair stores in your neighborhood. Find out how much it costs for a dedicated phone repair shop to fix the problem. Visit The Totally Techy Store for fast affordable screen repairs and save yourself the hassle.

Repairs by the Phone Manufacturer

If your phone screen cracked during the period of your manufacturer’s warranty, you can get it fixed for free, and within a matter of hours. However, bear in mind that the standard limited manufacturer’s warranties do not cover accidents. You are, therefore, unlikely to get free repair under warranty for a cracked phone screen. The manufacturer of your phone may, instead, offer a paid repair instead.

No matter what option the manufacturer will offer you, having your phone in their hands is the best thing you can do. Obviously, the manufacturer knows what’s best for its own devices. However, repairs done by your manufacturer are bound to cost much more than at an independent shop.

So, don’t throw away your cracked phone. Fix it up!

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